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Wellhead Choke Valves


I'm about to design piping system inside oil production wellhead. Around 5 meters from Xmass tree I'll arrange a choke valve. My concerns is dealing with supporting this choke valve. I'd like to know if choke valve behavior is same as PSV.
PSV need its connected pipe to be rigidly fixed to balance the reaction force generated when PSV spits.
Is reaction force generated when we operate a choke valve? Is vibration an intinsic problem of choke valves?

Vibrations are not intrinsic, but certainly possible enough to prepare for it.  They can be avoided by proper sizing and keeping velocities low and away from resonant pipe frequencies.

Partially open or closed valves can cause increased pipe stresses.  In a poor configuration, the pipe can deflect with those added stresses.  Those stresses plus weight of the valve may require support.  5 meters is usually a pretty long way without any support in any case.  Do yourself and your boss a favor and put a support near the valve(Mud Valves).  Let somebody else take it out.

Theoretically it shouldn't be acting like a relief valve or vent with a high dynamic thrust, so unless you're going to operate the chokes very fast, doubtful, just a vertical support is all that is usually needed.  Forces due to changing flow direction, or forces generated by slowly opening/closing valves can typically be handled by the pipe steel alone.


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